Beautiful world (2020)

Taken from the album "The courage to believe". I wanted to write a love song different from what I had done before, a love song to God with gratitude for His plan, for life, and for the beautiful gift of being alive. You may watch the music video for "Beautiful world"on YouTube.

Beautiful world (2020)

Album releases

The official album releases of Finn Harald Røed can be played and downloaded in MP3-format from this website. Some of the albums include printable CD-covers with lyrics.

Pieces of life

Pieces of life (2017)

My 8th album, written and recorded between January and September 2017, strongly colored by experiences from the last couple of years. The songs came to be during challenging times, representing "pieces of life" the way I interpreted it all through music and lyrics. This synthesizer and vocals based album means a lot to me.

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Scream at the wall

Scream at the wall (2015)

This el-guitar based rock album contains 11 songs, all written and recorded 2013-2014. For a long time I had wanted to return to my roots as a rock band singer, which eventually ended up with my most hard hitting album ever. My personal favorites are the title cut "Scream at the wall" and the ballad "Goodbye my love".

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Painted world

Painted world (2011)

A collection of 12 songs written and recorded over a 20 year period (1991–2011), including a 2011-version of the ballad "Heaven can wait", the poetic "Painted world" (2011), the single releases "Anything for love" (2009) and "Christmas is coming" (2010), some Kingdom X tracks and a live version of "Believe me deceive me" (1997).

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Magical Graphic Color Scheme

Magical graphic color scheme (2008)

This album's 12 songs were written and recorded between 2003-2008, and finished and released on November 8, 2008, while I was living in Sweden. I am grateful, happy and relieved to finally present these 43 minutes of new music, which includes some of my better songs until date, like "Running out of faces" and "I replace myself".

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Breakable, fragile and alive (2006)

It had been 10 years since my previous official solo release. While still working on the long time scheduled follow-up for Transformation, all material for this album was both written, recorded and mixed during two creative and productive weeks in July 2006. All the songs have the same tempo and share the same main chords.

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Transformation (1996)

CD released June 1, 1996. Recorded in my own studio and a studio in Moss between November 1995 - March 1996. This album has 11 pop tracks, 5 experimentals and 3 remixes. Several quality guest musicians participate (guitar, bass, backing vocals, drums and trumpet). The album later became available online on Spotify, iTunes etc.

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The Kingdom X

The Kingdom X (1994)

The Kingdom X was a techno pop project band, and my most important creative occupation in the early 90's. In fact, it consumed most of my time for about two years. This album contains 10 selected tracks recorded in 1993-94. I was the band's songwriter, and made every sound and note (synths, samplers, vocals) on this album.

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Moment in time

Moment in time (1994)

My debut album (MC) released in 1994. The music style was a great contrast to what I was normally doing at the time (teknopop with "The Kingdom X"). These 10 romantic ballads have el-piano and vocals as main instruments. Unfortunately, the master DAT-tape is lost. The MP3-files are digital copies from one of the MCs.

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