Finn Harald Røed, album, The Courage to Believe (2020)

The Courage to Believe (2020)

Release date: July 2, 2020.
MP3-quality: 320 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz, Stereo
Total playing time: 45:43 minutes

In addition to the MP3 downloads from this site and the music videos, as of July 13, 2020 the album is also available on Spotify and iTunes. During July 2020 it will also be released on Tidal and the other major digital music streaming services and online music stores. You may listen to or download the individual songs, complete album and printable CD cover with lyrics by clicking the download icons below.

Beautiful world (May 2020)
A simple song (June 2020)
Choirs of Angels (December 2019)

Beautiful world (May 2020)
A simple song (June 2020)

All 12 songs + printable CD-cover with lyrics booklet (ZIP-file, 95 MB)

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Beautiful world (4:05)
The road to paradise (3:49)
Peace in my life (3:59)
I am strong (4:54)
Come rain, come shine (4:53)
Where do we all come from? (4:09)
Pieces fall into place (3:31)
Choirs of angels (4:06)
Stay with me (3:41)
In a place that I call home (3:22)
Long way to go (3:01)
A simple song (2:13)

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I haven't relased inspirational music since I wrote ten songs for the music play "Heart of the Fathers" in 1996. However, the last few years I've felt a strong urge to dedicate my talent to writing music that reflects my christian beliefs. My faith is and has been very important to me for more than 30 years. This album is written in appreciation and gratitude to God and the plan of salvation. I started writing the songs in November 2018 after having moved to Bærum just outside Oslo, and continued working on the album when I moved to Skien the following year. Music videos for three of the 12 songs + an album trailer were released before the final album was officially released on the second of July 2020.

I had a rather long list of ideas for the album title. However, when I came up with "The courage to believe", I instantly knew that was it. It describes the situation for many of us who have anything from a spark of faith, to a solid and living testimony with daily communication with God in a real life acknowledgement of the spiritual reality. I've come to learn that it's just as real as the physical reality.

I personally had to consider the consequences of releasing a faith based album with a considerable promotion through newspapers, social media, websites and music videos. I had to make a stand. Would the pros outweigh the cons, and did they really have to? The answer to that last question turned out to be a resounding NO! I simply had to do what I had to do to, and then let tomorrow come. Just like I sing in one of the songs on the album: "Come rain, come shine".

Yes, I felt it did take some courage. While some may welcome this album with excitement, others will not feel the same appreciation. I think it truly takes courage and determination for ANYONE in our time to dare opening up their hearts and minds for the spiritual dimensions in life, and to stand up for and try to live according to what they discover.

This album would not have existed without the inspiration and encouragement I have felt throughout the whole process. In many ways I feel the songs were simply handed over to me, to an extent where all I needed to do was to follow through. Having had a remarkably strong feeling that this was something I was meant to do, the album has more than anything else given me a sense of having a purpose.

Despite hardships, opposition and interruptions on the way, here it finally is – the album "The courage to believe"!

Finn Harald Røed, full album - The Courage to Believe (2020)Album trailer poster for album "The Courage to Believe"

I have never before spent so much time and had so much focus on song lyrics. Considering the faith based topics, it became clear to me early on that the lyrics would be just as important as the music, maybe even more important.

In the past, I've had a habit of writing lyrics with hidden messages. I've always liked to create room for interpretation, and then leave it up to each individual listener to understand the meaning of the song, colored by their own experiences and imagination. By doing so, the lyrics don't really need to have a story or a defined topic. It's an exciting way of writing. However, it also makes it easy to skip what is really hard to do, namely to make a song communicate a true and valuable message. I strongly wanted the songs on this album to be as clear and honest, heartfelt and meaningful, uplifting and inspiring. I can only hope the listener or reader can sense the spirit of peace and love that I felt while writing and singing them.

This album is my testimony to the world, and my most important work to date. It has a message and mood I'd like people people to remember me by when I'm gone – by those who knows me or my music, and also my family, children and future descendants. It's a spiritual testament, my legacy – something to leave behind that defines the desire of my heart.

Finn Harald Røed, music video - A simple song(2020)Music video poster for "A simple song"

I have released music videos on YouTube and my Facebook music page for three songs from the album:

Choirs of Angels (December 2019)
Beautiful world (May 2020)
A simple song (June 2020)
In addition an album trailer was released in June 2020.

The music video for "Beautiful world" was filmed during two long days in the church building of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Skien, Norway. My youngest son, Benjamin, was the camera operator. The filming took place late March 2020, while Norway was in lockdown. All concerts, events, sports and religious meetings or activities were closed, suspended or cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. In the middle of that, I reflected on the symbolism and message in using the empty church hall as the video location for this particular song. Yes, it was empty, but while being there I felt priviledged to be able to spend time in church and sing a song of gratitude. It was a peaceful and humbling experience, where the peace and quiet strengthened the song lyrics.

The music video for "A simple song" was filmed in Skien, Norway in June 2020, with my son Benjamin as the camera operator for most of the clips. The parts where I'm sitting under the big trees singing was filmed close to Gjerpen Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Norway, consecrated on the 28th of May 1153 and dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul. The rest of the clips were filmed in the beautiful protected nature reserve at Børsesjø, where over 210 varieties of birds are to be found.

Finn Harald Røed, music video - Beautiful world (2020)Music video poster for "Beautiful world"

Finn Harald Røed, July 2, 2020

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