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Made me stop and listen
Feedback from a website visitor, Dec. 23, 2005:
"Your website was one of my most positive discoveries on the internet this year, as moving towards the end of 2005. Your music and lyrics are among the few things that made me stop and listen – and that I felt was something special! It's a long way between such experiences these days!!"

As part of the Internet CD release Breakable, fragile and alive (August 2006), I registered with several online music promotion websites, which resulted in a number of reviews and feedback on my music. The reviews of the song "Too beautiful" below were written by other musicians worldwide. The reviewers at awarded "Too Beautiful" as the most original pop-rock song in the second week of August 2006, out of the 597 participating songs.


Way Original
Aug 11, 2006 by Norman Scott (drummer, Mona). Seattle, Washington, USA:
Why is it that more musicians don't write music like this? This is a classic original song to me. Melodies are great. I bet this band live is quite an experience. Keep writing and recording. We want to hear more!

Engaging Rhythm!
Aug 9, 2006 by Zelda Nera (vocalist, Sacred Desire). Irvine, California, USA:
I liked how all the instruments together created this really engaging rhythm... and how it drops out on the verses to just one instrument. Very cool! Great melody!!! Great lead vocal!!! Awesome arrangement!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Passionate, deep and very emotionally performed! Great work!!! By the way... I'd love to cover this song ;]

Potential hit
Aug 11, 2006 by Marco (solo artist/songwriter). United Kingdom:
This brings me back to some brit-pop of the 80s. An interesting mix of Ultravox, David Bowie and more. Melody (both slow and fast) and arrangement/production are interesting and catchy (vocals on slow part remind very much Midge Ure). I like the 'piano ostinato' on fast part, and the trumpets arrangment. Nice also the synth solo around 4:30. I like those productions that 'vary' this way. Overall I'd say this is a potential hit (would have been a 'sure' hit in the 80s).
The artist has asked for comments on:
1-Vocals: good, nice extension and tone; I said above who it sounds like...
2-Chorus: perfectly fitting, as all the rest of the arrangments here;
3-Arrangment: tasty and effective (both arrangment and production). Nice job!

Well produced, well performed
Aug 8, 2006 by Jannifer Mahon (vocalist/songwriter, Ada). Beverly Hills, USA:
The intro really sets the mood for the song. It's hard to pull something like that off, but you guys definetely managed it. The song is really original, well produced and well performed. The vocals are awesome and are allowed to shine in the mix.

Very well orchestrated
Aug 14, 2006 by Martin Moser (songwriter, Scargod). Zell Am See, Salzburg, Austria:
Starts out well with talking, then a great beat. I appreciate the piano. The singer is great - close to wonderful. Knows when he has to be loud or calm. Knows the right moment. The rest of the band also know where their place is. I like the verse. Very simple but effective. The chorus is also so well done. Reminds you of the MTV Songs. The song has also a kind of originality. The arrangement is well done, and so is the song's structure. At 3.40 you ask yourself if there is yet another part coming. It comes in the shape of a keyboard solo. This song is well orchestrated.

Great stuff
Aug 8, 2006 by Teresa Cowles (bass + vox, Dragsterbarbie). Los Angeles, USA:
Loved the horns in the intro and throughout this song. The song is arranged beautifully with lots of great builds. It's full of hooks and interesting instrumental surprises. It was a little hard for me to tell at first which part was which in the structure of the song (prechorus/chorus/bridge/etc.) but you almost don't need to because all of the sections have their own hooks and nuances. They are all very distinctively different parts that stand up on their own but also transition well into each other. That is not an easy thing to accomplish. The vocals were extremely well done and the harmonies were all just right. Musically everything was totally on and all of the parts were well played and complimented each other nicely. Great stuff. Very refreshing to hear.

Finn Harald Røed, CD releases