Nothing is sacred (2018)

Finn Harald Røed, music single, Nothing is sacred (2018)
Music single (with mini short story)
Music & lyrics: Finn Harald Røed
Release date: June 10, 2018
MP3-quality: 320 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz, Stereo
Total playing time: 3:49 minutes

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"Nothing is sacred" was written, recorded and mixed in May 2018. The bass line (which is one the most important common denominators of the song) and the melody of the verse came to me while walking the dog. I immediately recorded the idea on my cell phone, and started writing and recording the song the next day. The chorus then revealed itself just as effortlessly as the verses. After that, I spent quite some time on the details, and gradually kept doing small adjustments to the recording the next three weeks. As described in my blog, I recently decided on releasing songs as singles on my way to a new album. As such, Nothing is sacred is the first single from my upcoming album which hopefully will be done during 2018. Being able to focus on one song instead of 10-12 for sure had the effect I was looking for. I was not distracted by the fact that I am for the time being working on several other new songs for my next album release. I could rather just concentrate on this one song, since that in fact was my next release, and not the entire album.

I spent some time on deciding what to do with the cover. I wasn't very pleased with the photo alternatives I had available, and on the same day I did the final vocal and arrangement adjustments I ended up doing a new photo session. Everything went very quickly the last couple of days before the song was sent to distribution and release. The picture of me on the cover can't get much fresher or taken more "during the recording process" than this!

THE MINI SHORT STORY (micro/flash fiction)
During the song writing and recording process, out of nowhere, I got the idea that I wanted to combine this song with a written text of some sort, something that would expand the song's meaning and value, both contentwise and artistically. This made me write a mini short story of 133 words, which ended up on the single's front cover. Here it is:

Short story for the song "Nothing is sacred"

«Between heaven's grace and hell's abyss, her eyes open to the soothing tranquility of the dawn's pristine sun rays. As she passes through the night's veil of comforting dreams, the vivifying morning light softly touches her skin, caressing her body like the tenderness of a gentle breeze that almost unnoticeably sweeps over a peaceful field of wildflowers.

At the end of the flowery meadow, a motionless forest houses the distant singing of an aging blackbird. With beautiful melodies he patiently proclaims his longing for someone to finally respond to his countless and tireless invitations.

And then, there is absolute silence.

As the short lived seconds of harmonious perceptiveness fade into another day, her mind is once again overwhelmed by the events that changed the course of her life forever, apparently with no return.»

I am planning on making a music video for this song in the near future, but decided to publish the song itself before the video. As soon as the video is done, it will be published on my YouTube channel and on this website.

As always, I don't really like to elaborate on my lyrics. I leave it up to the listener or reader to decide whatever the lyrics mean to them. I like to leave room for interpretations, and know by experience that two different people may interpret the same lyrics quite differently from each other, sometimes one person's impression being rather the opposite of the other's.

When you're in disguise
and you fantasize, excited
and your moral sense
showing no defense, delighted

The sky falls down in million pieces
Love is lost, but she loves Jesus
Scream for more when you leave her naked
Love is lost, nothing is sacred

Now you compromise
with truth and lies, believers
Your tense affairs
but no one cares , deceivers

Now we're in love
Now we're in love, excited
With ourselves
with ourselves, united

The sky falls down in a million pieces
Love is lost, moral diseases
No remorse, when you leave her naked
Love is lost, nothing is sacred

No sign of the morning
No sign today
It's been forever
now fly way

The sky falls down in million pieces
Love is lost, but she loves Jesus
Scream for more when you leave her naked
Love is lost, nothing is sacred
The sky falls down in a million pieces
Love is lost, come evil, please us
Crave for more, your lust and hatred
Nothing, nothing, nothing is sacred

The sky falls down
Love is lost
Scream for more
Nothing, nothing, nothing is sacred

Nothing is sacred
Nothing is sacred

The lyrics speak for themselves, but of course, the accompanying short story for this song should be considered part of the whole package.

Finn Harald Røed, June 8, 2018

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