Finn Harald Røed - blog archive 2010

December 20, 2010
I have deactivated my Facebook account. Don't know if I will come back later, but I can say as much as that I felt an immediate relief once it was done. Every now and then I find myself spending too much time on Facebook, and the whole concept triggers a certain amount of pressure while balancing between self marketing and the aspect of being friendly and likeable within the social borders that may be acceptable by the average of 500+ very different FB-friends. I hope none of them will think that my early FB-retirement has anything to do with them personally. It has not. If someone feels like dropping me a few words via the contact form on my site every now and then, I will appreciate that. Well then, by for now Facebook.

December 17, 2010
My new Christmas song is now on YouTube. It is the latest file version with more gain/volume than the first release. BTW: I have received lots of friendly and positive feedback on the song. Thank you all so very much - constructive response is always being highly valued and appreciated!

December 16, 2010
Just uploaded a new file version of "Christmas is coming". The overall volume is now boosted with a compressor/limiter tool, which in addition to a general higher volume also makes each instrument and sound shine more through in the mix. My Christmas song may be downloaded from the same page as before.

December 14, 2010
Annoying thing of the day: Conservative Americans throwing the communist card every time anyone questions far right wing politics. At some point it seems like a vast amount of Americans were convinced they could excuse redefining the meaning of European terms like democracy, conservativism, socialism, liberalism, patriotism and for that matter freedom. By referring to all Europeans as "socialists", colored by the propaganda of mccarthyism in the 50s, they managed to move all these principles to the far right, making a local interpretation of these important concepts, even though their original meaning is still intact in Europe.

"Keep the hands of the poor and sick out of my wallet!" When looking from the outside it seems to me that Mr. Ignorance and Mrs. Egoism willingly are lead by Captain Greed. Socialism represents higher taxes to build a better society for those who are not strong or lucky enough to be "successful". The redefintion of ideological terms has gone so far, that even a quite conservative politician (pr. traditional definition) like Barack Obama is called a socialist by his opponents. It seems like they have no idea of what a socialist is. Being a socialist is not a bad thing. It is not a bad word. It is not an insult. Unless it comes from an American. However, the US redefinition has added a spice to the word that gives you a really, really bad breath. So bad that no one even dares to taste it. At least the rumour says it's bad. Those who dare to taste with an open mind, often find it quite sweet and refreshing. Sometimes President Obama is even called a communist and for that sake a muslim. Muslims have popped up as the new favorite hate objects in the US, probably because a new enemy is needed after the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union. Real communists rarely exist anymore. Muslims and hard to find terrorists hiding in caves are the new enemy which make sure the US military industry continues in full production.

It seems like conservative Americans, who make up about 50% of the population including some major people in powerful positions like corporate and religious leaders, define practically any European nation or individual as socialsts or communists - and maybe soon "communist muslims?". The other day an American told me that the name "Mohammed" was now the most popular boys name in Norway, instead of the traditional Nils, Harald, Ole, Per, Erik etc. What a total lack of knowledge, and what a high degree of ignorance and arrogance he showed off! He found his wild and false idea to prove that Norway is a socialist state supporting the muslim terrorists - against America. Holy Moly! As much as his ridiculous and false ideas made me feel sorry for him, it also made me feel angry at the political system that mislead both him and millions of others to see the world from a perspective with no basis in reality whatsoever.

BTW: I do know one boy named Mohammed. He's eleven years old. He's been to our house a few times, playing with my children. He's a nice and well behaved kid. He and his familiy live in a neat house not too far from our place. They are friendly and polite, and I get upset by the thought of that this boy's name, religion or where he comes from should bother anyone.

Ok then, let me close by balancing things out a little and show that I do know about the diversity of the American people. I highly appreciate and ADMIRE the millions of Americans being awake, free thinking and bright enough to see the propaganda hoax in scaring people from asking questions by calling them communists, non-patriots, enemies of America, etc. I salute you! You represent the REAL America that Europeans used to love so much. It takes both courage, knowledge and perspective to see through decades of political propaganda, no matter if it comes from the far left or the far right. It gets even tougher when politics are mixed with religion. Keep up the good work, and don't forget to vote! I want to love America again! :-)

December 12, 2010
I've finished the writing and recording of my first and only Christmas song. It's called "Christmas is coming", and was released on the web today as a free MP3. People have been encouraing me to write one for several years. Whether they got what they expected or not is an open question. No matter what, all in all I feel quite pleased with the melody lines, the arrangement and the lyrics. I feels good to have written a song for Christmas. It's somehow strange it's the first time, considering I have written music for 25-30 years now.

My wife and my three sons (11, 9 and 4) make up the choir on the chorus. I play all the instruments, and recorded the whole thing in my home studio in November and December. Check out the song's webpage for more info, to read the lyrics and to listen to or download "Christmas is coming" for free. Feedback is always appreciated. Merry Christmas! :-)

December 8, 2010
Every now and then sentences someone says to me get stuck. They trigger new thoughts and ideas in my mind, and transform into highly important principles in my life. One example is when a friendly 60 year old woman told me "People never change - deep down they will always stay the same".

In retrospect it was one of the most horrifying ideas I had heard of. It removed the essence of the idea of change, starting over, progress, personal development and for that matter repentance. I've never been able to let go of that sentence. It's hard to admit that maybe she was right, even though I can't accept that real change of heart is impossible. Either in a spiritual/religious way, or in a mental/psycological way. Or maybe both. I need to believe that real change may be triggered by experience and self insight. A liar can learn to become a truthful person by exposing his lies as his own worst enemy. A former thief can become the most rightous person. The heartless can become caring and empathetic. The wrongdoer may be the doer of good. Catalysators for real change are positive influences, knowledge and experiences under circumstances that all combined generate self insight and a deep wish for improvement. Our brains can be reprogrammed by additional input.

I need to believe in the change of heart, no matter how many examples I can think of that may prove the friendly woman's words to be the alternative and terrifying truth.

October 31, 2010
I'm working on a new Christmas song in my home studio. I haven't finished writing any new material since December 2009, even though I have some ideas/drafts recorded on my cell phone, so it's high time to recover from my musical starvation. This particular song is rather out of the usual "Finn style". I think it's the first song including the word Christmas that I've ever released (and maybe even written). It can probably be categorized as soft rock, or maybe simply "pop-rock". I started recording it this weekend using traditional band instruments (drums, el-bass, piano, el-guitar and synthesizer sounds like string pad, bells etc.). I'm more or less done with the lyrics. They encourages to use the Christmas season and Christmas spirit as tools to leave personal problems and hard experiences behind, forgive yourself and others, and to start all over again. I generally find Christmas to be a good time for mentally preparing the new year's resolutions. Anyway, I'll keep the blog updated about the upcoming song release, which will probably happen during late November / before Advent and Christmas.

October 5, 2010
I'd like to share a resume of certain thoughts I've shared on my Facebook profile the last few days. It's all written right after the discovery of the earth like planet Gliese 581g:

The newly discovered planet Gliese 581g is located about 20 light years from planet Earth. Based on today's technology and knowledge about space travels and distances, the Gliese solar system will most likely never experience human visitors.

The light uses 1.3 seconds to travel from the Earth to the moon. In comparism, the light will need 20 years to reach Gliese 581g. Not exactly an imediate solution if we need to leave Mother Earth in a hurry. A manned space ship of today will use at least 18 000 år to travel one light year. In other words, it will take about 360,000 years plus to reach Gliese 581g.

Outside the human brain's imaginations and mental borders, is there really something that can be called "time"? Is space timeless and endless? Is time just a term we've grown used to accept as a reality because we're not really capable of understanding things that cannot be numbered or measured? After all, terms like eternal, everlasting and timeless can't be defined by any kind of measure, distance or age. If the distance from the top to the bottom of a piece of paper represents a space travel of one light year (about 18,000 years with a manned space ship), how much will that distance be reduced if we bend the paper so that it's top and it's bottom touches each other? It is still the same piece of paper, but one light year becomes less than a light second, and the space ship's travel may only take a few hours. This illustrates the principle of "bending space and time", or so called wormholes. If these theories can be translated into real life, the impossible space travels of our time will become fully possible in the future. As of today, however, we completely do miss the knowledge and skills to discover, create and control such wormholes.

Until the possibilities of wormholes are proved to be a reality, I prefer "my own" little theory about atom splitting, conversion, sending and reassembling of objects and life forms on an atom level. This may prove travels near the speed of light possible - even without physical space ships and their fuel engines. I do not have any scientific explanation of how this can be done. As most theories of this kind, it only exists in the human mind. Having said that, I am also quite sure it has been thought of and described before, probably by many other curious people like me.

Today's technology is hopelessly slow with it's speed up to "only" 40,000 km/h for a manned ship. We surely need to look for other ways of travel to be able to ever leave our closest neighborhood in space. The speed must reach or come close to the light of speed, something that demands a TOTALLY different technology and way of thinking. There are many more or less combined scientific-philosopic theories about the bending of time and space (wormholes). I find this very interesing and existing, but my own little future vision is to define and split the human body into it's smallest parts (atoms)with a perfect and super advanced computer software controlling a even more perfect particle/atom/electron-converter/splitter. The result of such a process must be a mix of the object's atoms/electrons and light particles, so that they can be projected/sent in a way similar to a light beam towards the destination in space. By arrival the particles must be reassambled to their original shape. Such a process demands perfect knowledge and understanding of the human body's construction and functionality, all the way down to every individual particle and atom. Combined with a just as perfect knowledge about how you split, send, receive and reassemble these particles withouth death, damage or degradation.

It's a long way to go until man is able to create/control wormholes or to accomplish what is needed to put my theory to life. The first step is an open mind and NEW knowledge and view of space and of living creature's building blocks. All down to the level of atoms. After that we need to gain even more knowledge, and pass it down generation after generation until man's progress reaches a close to God-like understanding of how all things are constructed and how they function together in an intergalactic sense. It's all quite overwhelming and mind blowing, but as certain it is that the existence of a seemingly endless space is a fact, as certain it is that all these things one day will be within the reach of human understanding and control. It may just take a while, and mankind needs to be around long enough to make sure that future generations reach the neccessary level of knowledge needed. It may only take a few hundred years under the right conditions. On the other hand, thousands of years may be neccessary before we get there. Maybe time works against us.

September 26, 2010
Annoying thing of the day: Myself trying to manouver around or fix bad chemistry. Sometimes it's really hard to accept that two people are polar opposites. Trying to live the principle of "why can't we all just get along" simply is a waste of energy and bad focus.

Even though trying to get along with people you don't really like (and that don't like you either) may seem like a positive thing to do, the positive angle of it is really hard to define and agree with once you start to think of it. It's like trying to mix different colors in black paint in order to make it become white. The color will surely change while mixing, but it will never become white. In fact, most of the time it will look like a blend of baby poop and brownish liquid womit. It simply won't get you were you want. All your efforts will only consume valuable time and energy that otherwise could have been used for positive activities. Trying to manouver around or fix bad chemistry between people just creates more frustration and normally ends up with something even less desirable than what you started out with.

September 25, 2010
The "Finn Harald Røed Video Channel" on YouTube is updated with a new design and layout. New colors and new graphics, including a background image from a band photo taken in 1986. Got to love the hair. As for now there are four music videos available.

September 22, 2010
From time to time I feel the need to talk about things or behaviours I find annoying or irritating. I'd like to start writing short comments under a little headline like "Annoying thing of the day", describing whatever annoys me. Views, beliefs, politics, fashion, music, clothes, sports and certain people's behaviour. However, I don't want to sound like a negative, arrogant besserwisser - since I actually find such people quite, well... annoying. To try to avoid being caught in my own trap, I've decided to always mention one positive thing to weigh up for the annoying one. Hopefully that will bring a certain balance to the reader's impression.

Well then, here we go. The annoying thing of the day:
Men that more or less always wear suits or expensive looking business man clothes, even in situations when most people find it rather unnatural to dress up like that. Like when going to the grocery store. When picking up your child from a birthday party. When attending school meetings. At sport arrangements. When going to the dentist's office. When visiting friends. The same type of men tend to park their expensive cars in the most visible places for all to see. To show off a little positivity, I need to mention that I also appreciate the casual dressed guy that I know is doing well financially. However, he still dresses casual in casual situations, and he still drives the middle priced second hand car he bought five years ago, and feels totally relaxed and comfortable about it.

What's that for a starter? I'm sure I'll feel the urge to share more annoying things later. Oh, and with it more positive things as well. ;-)

August 28, 2010
I have updated my page on MySpace. Added the video of "I replace myself", changed the layout and uploaded a couple of new pictures. You'll find it right here:
Finn Harald Røed on MySpace

August 26, 2010
A few days ago, my 73 year old father, my 10 year old son and I cut down a huge tree with a chainsaw. This was one impressive, tall, healthy and majestic tree. However, it stood too close to our cabin in the woods to be left there forever. We felt the ground tremble as it went down with the sound of a fallen giant, never to rise again. I counted the annual circles whiched showed the tree was 135 years old. Looking at the fallen giant, strechted out in it's full length with it's thick branches - it suddenly occured to me that this tree had been living and growing on it's little spot in the woods for a really long time. Actually since 1875.

Around the time it was still a little sapling, women couldn't vote. In most western countries they had to wait another 40 years. Blacks were by most white men still (at the best) considered deferior. European nations like France, England and Germany were busy with colonization of Africa and Indochina. Indian tribes (Sioux, Apaches etc.) in North America were still trying to stand up against the white imperialists. No cars existed, and no airplanes either. The first primitive telephone was just invented, but still very far away from the lives of ordinary people. Henrik Ibsen was very much alive and released some of his most famous plays. Mormon polygamy was still practiced under the leadership of American pioneer Brigham Young. Great composers like Tchaikovsky and Brahms were still writing music. Western heroes Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were at their heights. The second industrial revolution (the technological revolution) had just started, and from 1870 Japan laid the foundation of it's leading industrial role in Southwest Asia. The British Empire covered about a quarter of both the Earth's land area and it's population - spreading British political, linguistic and cultural legacy. The painter Edvard Munch was 12 years old, while composer Edvard Grieg was writing the music for the play "Peer Gynt". Historic prophiles like Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein and Joseph Stalin weren't born yet. Norway was still stuck in a union with Sweden. Electric street lights were not yet in use. Electricity in people's homes and our time's standard electric equipment didn't exist. And the chainsaw was still not invented.

It feels strange and somewhat sad to have ended the life of such a historic giant. It just stood there timeless and wise. Untouched by human history, culture and conflicts. After 135 years it's gone forever. It only helps a little bit to think that some of the other trees nearby most likely are it's decendants.

July 12, 2010
Over the years some of my friends turned out to be people simply feeding on my short time popularity in certain settings. They didn't stay for long. Others simply turned out to enjoy the company of my wife or some other acquaintances, adding me to their social network as a necessity to be able to be with them. Some others simply needed a person to spend time with - in lack of other or better choices or opportunities. As with everyting else without true value, these friendships all eventually slide into oblivion along with their motives, leaving nothing but obscure and unwanted side notes in my book of life.

However, at this point I also want to point out that I've had certain loyal friends that had the courage and will to choose sides when the going got tough. They stayed by my side even if it wasn't the easiest or most popular thing to do. And, they didn't even retreat when they realized I wasn't as perfect or good as they once imagined. I'm grateful for them, and hope I can prove the same degree of loyalty and strength towards other people if ever offered the chance.

July 8, 2010
Redemption. What a big word. I just watched the movie "The men who stare at goats". Got caught up in the line "I felt the little man in me again, and he screamed like a little girl". Today, for a few seconds or even minutes, I suddenly felt a relieving sort of gratitude about bad experiences that changed my life forever.

Looking back at them from a safe distance, they somehow added the excitement and tension that everyday life suffers the total lack of. I'm not sure what to feel about the people involved. But the experiences themselves? All mindblowing, like I once lived within a movie that was never released to the public, but that would have touched the hearts of multitudes if it had been.

May 31, 2010
I wonder what would be the most accurate way to measure a nation's level of civilization. One thought I keep coming back to is "the repect of life", or simply comparing murder statistics. Or maybe simply comparing crime rates? Another interesting angle would be to compare health care systems, or in general how each nation treats their own inhabitants AND whether or not their foreign policy results in war or peace. What about military budgets? Or what about prison population rates?

To start with, I find it interesting that Norway in 2006 had a murder rate of about 0,7 pr. 100 000 people. I wish that number was lower, but compared to most other countries it is quite low already. As an example, America deals with 5,6 murders pr. 100 000 people, which is about 9 times more murders pr. capita than in Norway. Countries like Japan and Denmark also prove their high grade of civilization with "only" about 0,5 murders pr. 100 000 people. England has about 1,4, and Canada 1,8. I'm sure there are lots and lots of books about why people in the USA kill each other so much, including some obscure explanations on why this is no proof whatsoever that the country is in trouble. ;-)

I feel it illustrates my point that the US also has the highest PRISON POPULATION RATE in the world, with some whopping 738 people in prison pr. 100 000 inhabitants (almost 2,2 million people!). The figure for Russia is 611 pr. 100 000. However, Norway has only 66, Denmark 71 and Japan 62. Canada has 107.

I didn't originally intend to write about the USA as I started investigating this topic. However, it turned out to be impossible not to, as I got more and more surprised to see that such an influential country scores so badly in so many important areas. Unfortunately, when it comes to starting or fighting wars (most with little or no relevance to their own or their allies' security), the US also ends up in the outmost wrong end of the scale. Their health care system sucks, even though Obama has tried to improve things slightly. The same thing can be said about workers' rights, etc. The country surely is different in so many ways from the part of the world where I'm living, even though we do share some (mainly exterior) common ground. On the other hand, I'm happy to see that the countries in northern and western Europe, plus several countries in the Middle East (f.ex. Quatar) and East Asia (f.ex. Japan) are doing so well.

It's important to feel good about what is good in the world! :-)

May 10, 2010
I love this season. Spring. Symbol of creation and new beginnings or second chances. Today I'm Finn the web developer and family man. No musician or artist available. I'm a man of rapid changes, switching between the simplest frames and complex multi-tasking, restless energy crushing activities. Tomorrow only knows.

Apr 13, 2010
Lately I've been thinking quite a lot about what to write in here. I just can't imagine what I would actually want to share with the world that may be of any particular interest to anyone whatsoever. It all boils down to how to make people pay attention to you. In lack of any great accomplishments, you need to go public with some serious personal stuff that will wake both anger and sympathy, despise and curiosity. Or maybe some level of misguided admiration or recognition. You need to share something that most people never would have dared to talk about, not even with their closest friends or family.

You need to expose yourself to such an extent that no one will think of you the same way again. Not ever. Your public image will change, and so will your personality and value. And your friends. The new information about your thoughts or feelings will add so much spice and interpreted emotion to people's impression of you, that it will color their impression of all you say and do for many years to come, if not for the rest of your life.

Be careful not to let them make you think they really know you, though. People tend to oversimplify and jump to conclusions based on fragments of information. After all, in real life you're the same, old average Joe as before, just trying to hang in there. Once again doing your best to hide, rather than share, what's left of your inner secrets. You know, in fear of loosing the little respect you may have re-earned over the years. It all sounds quite exhausting, don't you think?

Mar 22, 2010 Would I even dare or bother to comment on the US health care reform that passed the House today? Sure I do. ;-) I'm bewildered and appalled by the fact that the religious right has been fighting against the reform. These people proclaiming their christian faith while at the same time politically supporting the republican egoism and absence of most of what I associate with Jesus Christ and basic christian principles. It seems like they just can't stand the thought of a new law that will give the poorest and weakest 10% Americans (about 30 million human beings) the chance to receive basic health care. We're talking about a huge amount of people (read "neighbors" in the christian sense of the word) where the overwhelmingly huge majority can't afford health care insurance, or for some other reason aren't able to function in a capitalist plutocracy.

It's quite incomprehensible to me, looking from the outside, that someone without hesitation may even try to combine a christian faith with a conviction of that all these people deserve to be kept down. And what's the excuse? Oh yes, the key word is "freedom". Freedom said to make sure that the poor are given the chance to help themselves, because if they REALLY tried, they didn't have to be poor or sick while living in the land of the free.

The people of a modern, humane and civilized democracy will build and support a political system that ensures the laws take care of and protect the people. It will not provide and support a system that favors the rich and those relying on the strength of their own arm (Isaiah 10:13-19), but also the poor and needy. A true democracy will listen to the voice of the weak, not just the voice of those living in the upper part of the food (economic) chain. Good laws will even out the differences between people. They will provide for the weak and needy, in order to rise them up from poverty and bring them out of the dark. And for those that can't become stronger (yes, some people simply aren't as strong as others), the nation will have a system that shares the riches so that as many as possible can live full lives.

The overwhelming majority of newly poor Americans are children, according to an analysis by the Children's Defense Fund (CDF). Most poor Americans are trapped within the borders of a political system and a people's opinion that make sure they aren't able to make enough money to get out of a bad neighborhood, even if they have three jobs. Some are depressed, bitter, crushed, beaten, and have little or no self esteem or faith in the future. They have little or no chance of helping themselves without the help of the system. A system that can only be created by the people, for the people.

Some right wing christians refer to "free agency" when arguing against the health care reform. Free agency as in "they did it to themselves - and it's their right and privilege to get out of their own mess". Why not just say it out loud (ok, someone does): "We don't want to share our money with the poor". Or, "we work hard for OUR money, why should we let the state share OUR MONEY with someone else?". And: "We want to give money to the poor without the state doing it for us". Well, obviously you don't give enough. You just don't. The "freedom theory" is a simple black and white philosophy that takes for granted that everyone in trouble can fix themselves and their situation if they want to, no matter the circumstances. In addition it fights against any laws that will make sure the weakest are getting benefits they can't get by their own efforts. It indicates that the poor and weak in reality are poor and weak because they're lazy, unstructured or simply stupid. It's a philosophy that says that it's not the state's job to help the poor and the needy to get a respectable life, and not even the chance to get basic medical help when they're sick. That is, unless they are able to raise the money it takes. In other words: The poor are poor because it's their own fault. They made some wrong choices at a certain point, and now they have to pay. They did it to themselves. Maybe not everyone, but at least most of them. And you never know which is which!

I don't find this even remotely close to being Christ-like. Unless we're talking about the Jesus Christ of the US of A. Believe me: God never knew him.

Matthew, 25:41-46:
41. Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.
42. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink,
43. I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.'
44. They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?'
45. He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'
46. Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.

Jan 06, 2010
It's a new decade. I've asked myself why the previous one went by so quicly and why so little happened. However, after some reconsideration and a closer look at my life, the past 10 years have been more than filled with content. Good and bad days. Successes and disappointments. Sorrow and joy. As a matter of fact the last ten years (the age of 31-41) have been extremely loaded. In January 2000 I had just become a first time father (of my now 10 year old son). I had just gotten the job that I now have kept for more than 10 years. I didn't own a house of my own. I hadn't released music since 1996.

The last decade I have developed into a rather established and experienced grownup. I have been married for soon 14 years. I'm the father of three healthy sons. I've had the same job for almost 11 years. I have lived in three houses owned by my wife and I, including the one in Sweden where we lived for about 1,5 years. I was a reverend from 2001-2003, a devoted believer and a well-meaning man who fell to earth - just to bounce back up in a new version colored by life.

As most people I've had my ups and downs, but I'm still around and both the good and bad things were interesting lessons when watched from a distance and in a perspective. I guess it all just sums up my private collection of challenges and knowledge that define who I am today. I choose to focus on and think back on the good things of this decade, and the good things came in bundles!

As for my music and artistic life, I compiled an MP3 album with 10 songs from the Kingdom X period in 2002 - and relased both that album and my music website in 2004. The website has grown and developed ever since. I wrote the new songs for and released two complete MP3 CD's with music written in 2003-2008. I wrote and released a children's book ("Poff og Pia"), a book with short stories and a piano lesson book with both music theory and sound files with piano exercise examples. My latest effort was the MP3 single "Anything for love" - released just on the outmost edge of the now bypassed decade. These are only a few of the things I've experienced. I would say this decade taught me me more about life than the one before that. I simply finally grew up.

Jan 05, 2010
Happy new year! I'm now finally on YouTube. One of the uploaded music videos is a brand new one with the 1996-version of "Unconscious Mind". I will regularly upload more videos and songs to the Finn Harald Røed YouTube Channel. Feedback is always appreciated! Below you may watch the latest video / song presentation of "Unconscious Mind", which you may also find as a free download via the video link on this website.

"Unconscious Mind" was a local underground hit in the Kristiansand area of Norway between 1993-1996. It was originally written in 1992, and became one of the signature songs of the band "The Kingdom X" in 1993/94. It was later released on my solo CD "Transformation" in 1996, and played on local and national radio stations both before and after that.

This video basically shows an artist photo of The Kingdom X' songwriter and vocalist (Finn Harald Røed, myself). The song lyrics are shown in sync with the vocals. BTW: The photo is my Kingdom X signature photo from 1993/94.