Finn Harald Røed - blog archive 2011

December 30, 2011
I've had the privilege to spend time in my studio the last few days. Not only is there some brand new music on it's way, but I'm also finishing, rewriting and mastering some previous unreleased songs - whereas some of them are among my personal all time favorites. I'm quite excited. Not long ago I proclaimed I might stop writing and releasing music. It turns out I'm still around, and I'll hopefully have more news soon about what all this will turn into and end up with. Until then I don't think I dare nor wish to further indicate or reveal any plans or hopes for now. :-)

December 22, 2011
The more you require, the more you desire. The ability of an individual or a group of individuals to diligently and restlessly lust after something (material/physical or not), seems to me like the major stumbling block of the human race throughout history. Greed is not just about money and wealth. It's about egoism and the willingness of somehow letting other people suffer to one's own benefit. It's a dangerous, unloving and self destructive path to follow.

December 18, 2011
We think we're all so innovative, modern and knowledgeable compared to former generations. The keyword is technology. In many ways, the technology we're surrounded by and dependent on, is a multitude of variations over inventions that are about 100 years old, like the internal combustion engine, telephone and electricity. These make up the main difference between our time and f.ex. the 18th century. Man hasn't really come up with anything revolutionary new or remarkable for quite some time now, we just think we have. The fact is we're just combining, reinventing and making more sophisticated versions of the brilliant ideas from past generations.

December 10, 2011
I've written and recorded a new song. It was all done in one day. A simple piece with vocals, piano and a couple of synth sounds. That's it. I just couldn't stand the thought of letting a whole year pass without recording at least one new song. It needs a bit of equalizing and general mastering before it will be made available as a free mp3 download on this website.
December 3, 2011
The human imagination, and our ability to interpret potentially any wish or fantasy into becoming undeniable facts, is unlimited. The often obvious conflicts between proven facts on one side, and irrational beliefs and ideas on the other, have always both imprisoned and enlightened the human mind.

It is, from a social, scientific and phsycological point of view, interesting to see how both ignorant and knowledgeable people are able to ignore and reject facts for the benefit of myths, fables and inherited traditions, and live and devote their lives accordingly.

November 22, 2011
Isn't it interesting when we say we want advice, but in fact just want to be right? How often it turns out that we think we have all the answers, but all we have is a really long list of excuses, but no plan or sustainable solutions.

It’s not easy, but every now and then I learn that we in fact CAN overthrow our old beliefs, and gain an open and clear enough mind to discover alternative and actual solutions to whatever problems we are facing.

November 21, 2011
I normally don't go back and change things I've written in my web journal. However, today I removed a rather lengthy criticism of a particular christian movement. I wrote it about a year ago, at a point when my cup of religious tolerance became full. I absolutely support the principle of free religion and that every man should be allowed to worship God according to his own beliefs and understanding (or misunderstandings, for that matter). I want other people to respect me, and I honestly want to respect them.

However, a conflict with this principle occurs when certain religious people don't repay the respect and tolerance (which they even may demand to be met with themselves). I truly don't like to be told I'm of the devil or that I must repent, simply because someone doesn't get things the way they want, or because it turns out I more or less don't share their religious convictions. It feels bad enough when you know they think this way, and even worse when they even say it out loud. I find both alternatives annoying and provocative.

My experience is that maybe 50 % of the members of the christian movement in question act and feel the way described above. However, out of respect for the other 50 %, and because I don't think these people represent any real danger to society in general, I have now removed my critical but honest descriptions of both their faith and behaviour. Nevertheless, I still find their faith to have little basis in reality, and that it strongly weakens it's followers ability to relate to the world and other people in a respectful and realistic manner.

When a person or a group of people by definition must interpret and filter everything he/she does and sees through a set of relgious ideas, definitions, rules and concepts, they are no longer able to see things or other people with open eyes and the way things really are. The borders between reality on one side, and fantasy, free imagination and wishful thinking on the other side, become vague or even invisible. It's a mental state that is both hard and painful to leave, both socially and emotionally. It often occupies years and years of a person's life before he or she is able to break out and accept things the way they are, if ever.

November 18, 2011
I'm once again back on Facebook. It's been three months. I can't seem to stay away for too long, and it seems to be the only place where I can catch up with certain people that I want to keep in touch with.

November 14, 2011
Capitalism and self centered materialism seem to hit and discolor us all, no matter what political, religious or philosophical suit or armour we've put on to defend ourselves against their influence.

November 6, 2011
I've listened and relistened to albums by Gary Numan for several days now. We absolutely share some common musical ground. Of course I've heard of his name before, but I never really knew his music. I'm so disappointed that I never discovered this fantastic artist around 1980, while he was at his peak. Nothing compares to tracks like "Cars", "Are friends electric", "Praying to the aliens" and so on. What a fantastic and original sound and expression! His voice and singing style, the image, the use of synthesizers. The mood. Just gotta love it. I'm pretty sure I would have been a dedicated "numanoid" if I had been aware of his music 20 years ago. He still writes and releases albums, and his present work also sounds pretty great. Gary Numan has hereby entered my list of favorite artists! Better late than never...

November 1, 2011
How come it's so common to mistaken freedom with irresponsibility, obscenity or anarchy? Why do relatively many people feel that way, and under what circumstances do such misperceptions typically occur? Think about it.

October 31, 2011
They say it's Halloween today. I can't stand it. Yes, I do understand that kids like candy and scary costumes, but this particular event and the way it's carried out has absolutely no relevance to Scandinavian culture, traditions or anything else that can defend why we should adopt this commercial activity. And don't give me that story about that it's not really an American tradition. I don't care if similar events exist in other parts of the world, like Ireland or Mexico. The one that is rapidly spreading in Norway is definitely the US version, with all it's commercial focus and everything that traditionally is totally non-Norwegian.

Isn't it enough that we've ruined Christmas, having to deal with a gigantic annual shopping party and a generation of children that complains about the presents they didn't get instead of being grateful for the rest? They don't even remember who they got which present from. It's too much of everything, and no child has earned the right to be overwhelmed with presents or any other material objects. This has nothing to do with being good to your children, or showing that you love them. It's not doing them a favor, but rather the opposite. They are simply taught to believe that most things come for free, and that most rewards come without any efforts from their side.

While we're at it, I also despise the expressions "because I deserve it" or "because I'm worth it". Maybe you've seen those commercials on TV? I don't think we deserve any luxuary at all. Why should we? What is it that we've done that possibly can make us believe we deserve lots of stupid, worthless stuff while at the same time millions of people around the world don't even have drinking water, food or basic education and health care for their children? If we share the idea of "because I deserve it", we automatically move towards the idea "because they don't deserve it" when observing other people's misery.

Mr. Capitalism, now that I'm no longer a child and can see things as a free and open minded individual, I don't like neither you or what you're doing to my country and the rest of the world.

October 24, 2011
Living in Sweden in 2007-2008 somehow influenced my music taste. I can't help loving Magnus Uggla's "Pärlor åt svin", Veronica Maggio's "Måndagsbarn" (which both were big radio hits at the time) and Christer Sandelin's "Det hon vill ha". I simply think they are great. Besides, I find the Swedish language to be both pretty and elegant, with a perfect sound for pop music lyrics.

October 21, 2011
Some people think the discoveries of an endless universe and a deeper knowledge about our planet's history and behaviour have proven the world religions to be false. They typically base this assumption on outdated opinions and views by conservative religious people who keep on proclaiming that science is in conflict with the word of God. Some good examples would be issues concerning time aspects, like the age of planet earth, or how many years human beings have existed. Another example may be a literate interpretation of the story of Noah and the flood (including the part about the rainbow), which no educated, reflected, thinking man will consider to be plausable in our time.

I think, as time goes by and we get to learn more about how things really are, we need to adjust old assumptions that are based on lack of knowledge, mind wandering and socially accepted guessings. After all, just because the christians once believed the planet to be both flat and the center of the universe around which all other objects were orbiting, we can't really assume or think these views were given us by God.

I believe true scientific discoveries to be god given knowledge, also when it conflicts with established theology. If we once believed God created the sun, moon, stars, the earth and all upon it, and everything in the heavens - why should any former limited ideas prevent us from expanding his creations to include multitudes of additional solar systems and galaxies?

The bible was written by men and for men in it's time, colored by that time's knowledge and world view. Same God, same universe, same reality as today, but described in a different time and culture. What is real hasn't changed, just the knowledge of the people describing reality in a religious perspective. I can't imagine a God being impressed by people denouncing true scientific evidence and new discoveries concerning the greatness of his creations.

October 5, 2011
I'm asking myself some rather serious existential questions these days. All kinds of thoughts are constantly popping up in my head, forcing me to face and ponder on certain tricky questions that really have no absolute answers.

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard proclaimed that the individual is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life passionately and sincerely, in spite of many existential obstacles and distractions including despair, angst, absurdity, alienation, and boredom. (Source: Wikipedia -> Existentialism.)

I see his point, but at the same time it leads to another major philosophical topic - the concept of free will. Do we believe in free will simply because we've been taught that it exists, or is it possible that it's just another man made concept? When we apparantly choose between a number of alternative options, is it possible that at least sometimes the choices we make are not really based on free will, but simply unavoidable results of chains of events that we are caught up in and forced to subconsciously play along with? Is it possible that free will is a relative thing, and only applies to certain situations in life, and vice versa?

September 30, 2011
So you believe everything happens for a "reason"? Sorry to disappoint you or wake you up from whatever comfortable dream you've chosen to live in, but it's simply not true. Everything might happen because of, as a consequence of, as a result of - or despite of something else. One event may also lead to another, or to a chain of events. Some may change lives or even the whole world. But things rarely or never happen for any "reason" other than the one we make up in our own minds - in our own confused, longing and creative imaginations.

We so desperately want to see a pattern or plan that makes our lives part of a bigger picture, but the cold fact is that we spend our days on this planet as tiny bits of mother nature, totally surrendered to her laws and moods as they have been defined during billions of years. Every single thing in the universe affects something else. No one and nothing on earth is isolated and totally independent. There is not one cell, not one atom on this planet that doesn't affect other cells or atoms. And so it goes on, year after year, century after century.

Whatever random challenges or joys we might experience as part of any branch of the never ending chain reactions we are all part of, it's up to each of us how we handle and deal with them. Any action has a reaction. Our reactions are not totally random, but a result of the combination of our experiences and our individual choices. Our choices and responses to good and bad times eventually define us - both in this life and in any potential life hereafter.

September 29, 2011
Two drug addicts walked by me on the parking lot outside my office today. I would guess they were about 30 years old, their bodies and minds worn out - apathetic slaves to whatever narcotics they were using. It struck me that unless something out of the ordinary happens in their lives soon, they may not be around for much longer. No matter what, they will most likely never recover to their original full potential. I wondered, who will remember or miss them once they are gone? A broken hearted parent, an old friend, another junkie in between his daily shots or one day when he might be rehabilitated enough to think straight? What struck me the most was the surprising amount of spontaneous empathy I felt. It was hard not to see how these men's lives could have been radically different, hadn't it been for their addictions. It was like I saw the alternative versions of these unfortunate souls walking almost invisible next to them; two healthy and respected young men, living meaningful and productive lives. It was indeed a short but very thought provoking and revealing experience.

August 27, 2011
I got a motivating e-mail from a musician in Australia last night. He had found my music on the web, and wrote to say how much he liked it. It made my brain pop into music mode again, and this morning I spent a few hours in my home studio for the first time in several months. It turned out that I apparantly still have tons of music ideas.

My thoughts go back to July 2006 when I wrote and recorded a whole album ("Breakable...") in just a couple of weeks. I definitely believe I could do that again. I still have both the hunger and constant song ideas boiling inside me to get out. It's all a matter of having the time available. As for now, I barely would be able to find more than a few hours of time for music each week. That just isn't enough, and I hope I will find a way to change that soon.

During the winter of 2011/12 I hopefully will be able to finally rebuild my home studio into something more appealing and comfortable. I need a smooth studio setup that works with me instead of against me when it comes to switching between the main phases of the process. 1. Song writing. 2. Recording. 3. Mixing/mastering.

As I've mentioned before, I really would love to do something more rock / el-guitar based stuff soon. On the other side, I think it would be wise to just follow whatever ideas that come out of my never ending reservoir of song ideas. After that, the final style and mood is decided by the arrangment. Elvis' version of "You were always on my mind" is, after all, quite different from the version from Pet Shop Boys. Different arrangements and styles, but still the same song.

August 26, 2011
Isn't it sad how some young people turn old decades too soon? They somehow transform into everything you once swore you'd never end up like, and all the things you begged yourself not to forget to despise. Like being a tired, dull and serious joy killer with little or no sense of humour.

Like that old teacher that isn't able to adapt as time goes by, and spends the last 15 years in the job fighting changes. Like the uptight lady that always complains about young people's low moral, and what a terrible place the world has turned into. Oh, and her explanation to it all might be that the end is near. Well, it is to her.

I find it sad and almost scary to see people that for whatever reason feel guilty or uncomfortable of being young at heart, lustful and a free spirit. 30-40 year old men and women lose the magic of curiosity and the gift of asking tricky and challenging questions to the establishment. They resign to the challenges of life and accept the rules and doctrines of whatever little box their minds are trapped in. Not that it necessarily is a bad box, but a box it is. Subsequently they end up like boring grown-ups that even other grown-ups find to be sparkless and not even remotely interesting company. Dear God, as I grow older, grant me the privilege of still being young at heart and liberal in the true sense of the word.

August 19, 2011
I used to be somebody, but now I'm someone else, but still the same. It's amazing how life is both static and dynamic. Ever since my childhood I've heard grown ups and elderly people say they haven't changed inside during the years, and that the main difference between 20 and 80 is a matter of exterior. The body grows old and changes, the soul stays intact.

Still, I believe most of us experience smaller or bigger changes in our personality, attitudes or reflections during a lifetime. Let's take the consequence of growing older. To me, I'm still trying to cope and accept that I statistically have lived most of my life already. I distinctly notice a difference in the way I think of life, my surroundings and myself. I used to have this strong and energetic feeling of growing towards more life, more future, more strength, more success. I guess that's what most young people feel. However, turning 40 isn't just dealing with another number - it's a wake up call. I've come to realize that in some obscure and uncomfortable way I'm slowly dying. In fact, we start that journey towards death the day we are born. We just need half a life to realize it and deal with it.

Before, I reached for the stars and thought my life and possibilities had importance beyond whatever limits society, traditions or people around me tried to set. Living life from the perspective of slowly dying compared to slowly becoming more and more alive is quite a change. However, am I worried? Well, the funny part of this whole matter is - "not really". I'm starting to realize that everything I used to take for granted, including the imaginative ocean of time that life seemed to offer, isn't really gone. The only REAL change is a discovery of something that has always been there, that my existence has a time limit for me to play within. Except from that, yes, I am the same - just with a realistic time table.

I'm hoping the acceptance of things the way they are combined with life experience and general knowledge will help me embrace and use my limited time more effective than back in the days when I thought I had all the time in the world to make my dreams come true. None of us do. We are all living on borrowed time from day one.

August 18, 2011
I just deactivated my Facebook account again. Feels like if I don't have anything generally interesting to share, I might as well just drop out. With 500+ friends you can't really say much of value without offending or annoying anyone. It just doesn't feel like the right place to share anything deeper than general nonsense. To be honest it felt like a relief to hit the deactive button, just like last time. Oh well, who knows - I might be back again in a while. ;-)

July 5, 2011
About a week ago I woke up one morning from this highly enligtening dream. I felt it clearified some major issues in life, generally speaking. The only problem is, however (like the case with dreams often is), that even though the dream's details were actively present in my mind and thoughts the rest of that day, I can't remember a single point or idea from it anymore. And it's only been a few days. It feels like it was deleted from my consciousness once I spoiled my chance to make something good out of it, and that it was only reserved for me to know of for a very limited period of time. Easy come, easy go. I guess.

They most annoying part of this is that I knew I should have written it all down the very same day I dreamt it. But I didn't. I really felt the urge to share it on my blog. Despite the dream now appears to be lost forever, I still wanted to mention the incident. If nothing else because it might help me (or any potential reader) to treat such gifts with respect, and in the future make sure to record the wisdom and enlightenment special dreams sometimes seem to offer us - no matter why, how or who causes them to happen. I'm of course talking about unique dreams that when you wake up make you feel like a wiser and more mature person than before you fell asleep. Such dreams don't hit you every night.

By the way: I watched the Canadian documentary "Taqwacore - punk and Islam" tonight, and found it very interesting. It somehow hit a nerve.

June 26, 2011
I think we tend to generalize too much and forget to see things and other people in perspective. How often do we consider that once the happy man might was the unhappy, and the depressed once filled with joy and lust for life? Once the rich might was the poor, and the poor the prosperous? The winner might have been a looser, while the looser was successful. Maybe the strong once was the weak, or the weak the energetic and powerful? The saint the sinner, or the sinner the redeemed? The healthy the sick, or the sick the healthy? The good the evil, or the evil the good? The respected the disrespected, or the disrespected the respected? However, no matter what, the old once was the young, but the young was never the old.

June 17, 2011
For the last few months my head has been filled with rock music. Distorted guitars, heavy drums, cymbals and rough base lines - with my voice on top of all that with a melodic punch and force I am not even sure I can deliver anymore.

Over the years I've never forgotten where I come from. Rock music, that is. Between the age of 13-18 I was addicted to solid rock like Rainbow, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Kiss and... Cheap Trick. Air guitar and full volume on my stereo were important ingredients of my teenage years.

Rock music definitely influenced the songs I wrote in the 80s (like "Get ya crying"), but in the early 90s I left the rock stage to explore the wonderful world of electronics and whatever was different, new and exiting. As interesting as that was, I have always missed writing and performing more organic and pre-amped guitar influenced music. There's nothing like it, and I may soon have to pick up my red el-guitar and warm up my voice again...

June 10, 2011
It's so nice not to be like everybody. I can't even remember a single time in my life where I actually felt the need or wish to be anyone else but myself. Of course I've had my share of regrets, but being different always felt like the natural way to go. I wonder, is this a sign of arrogance, egoism or maybe even lack of social intelligence? Or is it rather proof of intelligence, individualism, self esteem and an artistic personality? I've never met anyone who can really tell for sure, and why bother looking for anyone who think they can...?

May 31, 2011
Spring arrived in early April with all it's might, breathing life in frozen norsemen on low battery after five months of snow and cold. The weather was so nice and warm that it felt like Summer was here already. It basically didn't rain for å month. Temperatures reached 20 degrees celsius for several days. It's a strange thing what power and effect the weather has on people. Even though May turned out quite ordinary (well, rather below average actually), the beautiful April has made sure the Summer season will feel longer than usual. Thank God...

March 16, 2011
On Saturday my oldest son (11, going on 12) participated in a music/culture contest for young people under 20. He is the drummer in the trio "Rock Control". As the youngest musicians among the 23 bands and artists performing during the concert, the band played a five minute instrumental medley of six classic rock songs like "Back in black", "Smoke on the water" and "Iron Man".

Both my wife, my mother (71) and I were in the audience. A couple of people asked my mother whether she thought the volume was too loud, but she just said 'No, not at all - my son played in serveral rock bands for years, and they often rehearsed in our basement'. ;-) The whole experience was great fun for all of us, and we were all quite proud of our little drummer.

This was my son's second public performance with the band. We're hoping our 9 year old son will soon join in too, and maybe become the singer of the band. I'm thankful to say that all my three sons seem to be blessed with the gift of musicality.

February 7, 2011
While others identify themselves with their job, hobbies or education, I have always felt I am only a visitor in basically any aspect of those settings. If people call me a musician, I tend to think "well, I'm not really a musician". If people call me a business man, I think "well, I'm not really a business man". I could make quite a list of sentences like that.

I have the feeling that many people are having similar thoughts. In my case, the main reason may be that I have too many interests, too many things in life that make up my identity. I can always agree on that I'm kind of a musician, kind of a business man, kind of a teacher, kind of a religious person, kind of a web programmer, kind of a family man and kind of a writer. And kind of a lot of other things, too. However, I will never be just one or a few of the many aspects of my life. Neither will it be right to just say "I'm all of these things", because it's not that simple. I think I'm a unique combination of all of these aspects, interests and all of my experiences, which probably is a true principle for all people. I have no intention of constraining myself or my personality to pre-defined boxes or definitions. Life is not black and white. Neither is my personality, even though there may be some fractures of true black and true white among my multitudes of gray tones. February 4, 2011
The last week or so I have had a combined disturbing and relieving feeling that the time has come to stop writing music. I mean, stop for a long time - or maybe even for good. I do have a couple of completely new songs drafted on my cell phone that deserve to see the light. One of them "Strangest desire", could potentially be one of my best songs ever, depending on the studio work. Even so, there's so much work involved in the writing/recording/mixing process that I hesitate even to get started. Also, recently I have had a problem finding motivation to put so much effort into music that doesn't actually have a big audience. I never tour or give concerts like I did 15-20 years ago. In fact, I don't even vaguely promote my music in any way anymore, except for putting it on the web as free mp3 files. Let me add that I really appreciate the little group of faithful listeners that keep giving me positive feedback. Nevertheless it feels like the end of my music career finally may come to an end.

I might disconnect and remove all my recording gear in the not so distant future, and just leave a few basic instruments so that I'm able to play a little with my sons every now and then. Just for the fun of it. My oldest son has been playing drums for about three years now, and recently got his first el-guitar, too. I believe my second oldest son will soon be interested in doing some music, too. He sure is musical, and has a promising singing voice. After that, my youngest son may also find interest in music. And then there's my wife. Maybe we'll all form a family band, and release some simple recordings (demos) of our gigs? ;-) That would be quite fun in many ways. Anyway, time will show. Right now I can't really see I will write and record another full album ever again. Even one new song seems too much to ask for. Sorry...

February 2, 2011
After years of experience and pondering about the topic, I'd like to present "The five levels of forgiveness":
  1. I will say I forgive them if they ask my forgiveness, but I will never forget and can't promise what will happen if they somehow bother me again. No matter what, I'm glad to know God will will make them pay for what they've done in the end.
  2. I will forgive them if they ask my forgiveness, and do my best to forget and never mention it again. However, I do find comfort in knowing God one day will make things right and pass judgement to my advantage.
  3. I will fully forgive and forget, if they ask my forgiveness.
  4. I will fully forgive and forget, even if they don't ask my forgiveness.
  5. I will fully forgive and forget, even if they don't ask my forgiveness. In addition I will unconditionally tell God to forgive them, since my forgiveness is complete and I want the past to be the past for all eternity.
In 99,9% of all conflicts, unconditional forgiveness is the only solution that will liberate the spirit of all those involved and set us free from emotional imprisonment. I'm talking about all sorts of bad experiences we've had with other people. Criminal or not. Extensive or smaller disagreements. Conflicts that got bigger than anyone had expected, where people ended up as bitter enemies despising each other. Broken marriages. Broken promises. Insulting behaviour. Rumour spreading. Stealing. Lying. And all other things caused by human weaknesses like egoism, lack of self control, anger, cowardness, stupidity, lust, greed, revenge or bad judgement.

I know. It can be really, really difficult to forgive. Especially if the other part shows little or no signs of remorse or regrets. However, it's interesting to see how we often stagnate on level 1-3 and think we have been really merciful, generous and bighearted. Then, a few times under certain special conditions, we discover it's not enough, and that level 4-5 is the only way to experience how the miracle of forgiveness sets our heart and soul free from life long bitterness, anger, hate and frustration.

If I can forgive the bad things someone did to me on earth, I expect the matter to be closed in the Heavens as well. If two people harming each other make unconditional peace on earth, so that the matter is solved and forgiven in this life, the matter should not be brought up again in the next life. It's already dealt with. On level 5 I will have no wish or need to see the person being punished for what he did to me. On the contrary. My forgiveness is complete, and I leave the guilt to be consumed and terminated by the combined power of my forgiveness, the atonement of Christ and the mighty God that taught us to forgive. Let the past be past for all eternity, and let there be peace between me and my former enemy both in this life and in the life to come.

Forgiveness is not a natural thing. It is not a part of nature, not an instinct of the natural man. Level 5 is the easiest but yet one of the most difficult miracles to achieve and experience in this life. Achieving it has a tremendous impact on the lives of those around both us and the lives of those who were on the other side of the table. But unlike miracles like walking on water, or changing water to wine, granting complete forgiveness to others CAN be achieved by all of us if we really want to. However, like other miracles, it may require God's help, with or without us knowing it.

January 27, 2011
Annoying thing of the day: Having to write this blog in English. It annoys me to be aware of how much faster and smooth it would be to write in Norwegian. The dilemma is, however, that writing in Norwegian excludes anyone else than Norwegians, Swedes and Danes. It's a fight between my ego that obviously wants to be heard by as many people as possible by writing in English, and the convenience of being able to write whatever I think at twice the speed by using my native language. As for now, my ego is triumphant...

January 3, 2011
It's a new year. Again. Happy New Year! It just occured to me this happens every 12 months no matter what you do. Just like anything else that can be referred to as an annual event. Birthdays. Christmases. Summer holidays. Eastern. Eurosong. However, only birthdays and new year's celebrations make me think about that I'm getting older. Which is a fact I can't deny, and no one else for that matter. I feel I've lived a rather long and somewhat interesting life already, even though I may still have 50% left of my destined time on this planet. Statistically speaking. Oh, BTW, I'm still not back on Facebook.